About me

My mum and dad, Mark Le Messurier and Sharon Palm, adopted my older adopted sister, Kim, and I into the love of their family when we were babies. The result is that I really appreciate my life today.

After completing my degrees and working in a variety of roles my commitment to 'mentoring and coaching' young people evolved to become a passion. The notion of making a difference to a young person's life is the big motivator for me. It's where I find satisfaction and is my happy place. The relationships I have built over the years with students and their families continue to delight me. I feel privileged to share in their lives.

At the start of 2013, I took the step to work alongside my dad and develop 'my own' practice, mentoring and coaching younger and older students. Admittedly, dad mentored me! This included joining him as a co-facilitator in his 4 'What's the Buzz?' groups each week as well as working one on one with clients and families.

I also consistently run 10 of my own 'What's the Buzz?' social skills/friendship groups each week. The participants who work with me are aged from 6 to 24-year olds. The participants in my older 'What's the Buzz?' groups refuse to finish up and leave. What has happened is that we have built a meaningful community together. At the outset I never imagined that they would feel so connected and want to draw strength and purpose from one another as they do. So, at the start of each term we eagerly sit together, work out the themes or topics to cover and get cracking!

Increasingly, I find myself in Middle Schools skilling educators to use 'What's the Buzz?' in an adaptable manner that advantages students in their situation.