'What's the Buzz?'

'What's the Buzz?' is a unique 16 lesson social skills and friendship building programme, run for a semester (2 terms). It is designed to explicitly teach children and young teens how to think and relate socially, especially those that struggle to make friends and fit in. Current research reveals that teaching 'social thinking' to young people with social delay improves their ability to interact socially. Kids and teens learn these vital living skills through direct teaching, role-play practice and social games in the context of a small, friendly group.

A 'What's the Buzz?' group contains 4-8 children or young teens, of similar age and maturity, with me as the facilitator, and for larger groups a co-facilitator also. Careful consideration is made in order for the best combination allowing everyone the opportunity to learn new relational skills, and to build friendships in a safe, structured and encouraging environment. While it is wonderful to see the children and teens absorb the new skills taught each lesson, we also get to witness warm interactions between participants and the formation of new friendships. This is not to say that only they benefit, as parents enjoy each another's company, exchanging thoughts and finding support over coffee our 'Buzz' sessions are in progress.


As part of the program, the book What's the Buzz? has a wide appeal to teachers, counsellors, psychologists, teachers assistants and support staff, and parents. It recognises those that are most influential in a child or teen's life and includes extensive notes offering handy ideas to reinforce topics presented. These include every day themes designed from an extensive body of research believed to stimulate social thinking through a direct method of instruction.

To register your interest, please email (noni@nonilemessurier.com.au) or phone (0411343574).